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    I had the chance to work with :

    • LIMOS
    • Adrien Nicod

    I'm Samson MARCQ from France

    A freelance developper as well as a Crypto-currency enthusiast

    This website is where I will show what I'm working on and make contact with new customers.

    My favourite languages are Java and C++, but I can pick up any Object Oriented language pretty quickly.

    Tools and apps I use almost everyday:
    • Gimp
    • Notepad++
    • Android Studio
    • Eclipse
    • Genymotion
    MARCQ Samson

    Here's what I can do

    Image Processing

    Need to streamline a process on pictures or videos? I can create software that'll do it automatically.

    Android App Development

    Need an App for your specific needs? Wether it's to check a security camera or update your blog, I'm up for it!

    Data Processing

    You're a business owner and would like to use computers to speed up your process, just send me a mail.

    Windows App Development

    Need more manpower for the creation of an application? As a freelance I can help.


    Incorporating crypto-currencies in a business can be scary, contact me to study your case.

    Hardware too

    I'm also trained in hardware related topics, from setup to maintenance. Shoot me a mail.

    A few projects

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    Those comments are easy on the ear

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    Fast and intuitive, your app simplified my trades on Kraken. Ryoukrak to the moon!!


    Cryptocurrency trader


    Very dev, Much crypto, Wow!



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